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Korean Raw Pine Nut Oil 180㎖ (edible)


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  • Product Name: Korean Raw Pine Nut Oil ( edible )
  • Raw Material: Korean Pine Nut 100% (Gapyung-gun, Gyunggi-do)
  • Product Type: No roasted, Pressed
  • Packing Material: Glass Bottle
  • Manufacturer: Komega ( made in Korea )


  • This product is obtained by pressing the Korean pine nut without any roasting.
  • There is no anti-oxidant and additives in this product.
  • This product is manufactured using the proprietary technology, 'Method for Producing of Raw Oil' (Application number : 1020080007890).
  • Pine nut oil has plenty of linoleic acid, oleic acid, and pinolenic acid (polyunsaturated fatty acid found mainly in pine nuts).
  • According to a study (Pine Nut Oil May Cut Appetite), the pinolenic acid contained in Korean pine nut oil can help curb appetite by stimulating the release of cholecystokinin, a hormone that functions as an appetite suppressant.

  • You can directly take pine nut oil.
  • Pine nut oil can be used for marinating seasoned vegetable dish and adding to Bibimbap.

  • Pine nut oil is an excellent natural bread preservative when a small amount is added to the dough.


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